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Hi, I'm Nadia!

My path as a Shamanic Healer began in full when I decided to embrace my own healing journey at 27.   I am certain that I looked very successful on the outside with my job, my family, and my appearance, but behind closed doors I was deep in a cycle of suffering and self-inflicted pain.  Once I was able to begin looking at my trauma and at the aspects of myself that I was hiding, everything started to unravel. 


As my trauma and outdated belief systems began to surface for release, so did all the gifts that were hiding underneath.  I am here to share those gifts with the world and to help others do the same.

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My Story

My story includes many layers of complex and acute childhood traumas, as well as many more that were self-inflicted in adulthood.  I did have the fortunate opportunity to work with countless modalities to help unpack and process those traumas, several of which I now use now as a practitioner.  Every experience I have had and every layer of my own personal healing has led me to be able to help others on a deeper, more profound level today.


My healing journey started with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder and Treatment Resistant Depression as a kid.  I went through the normal story of trying every medication and eventually settling on a good old fashioned addiction (or three) because none of those medications ever worked.  Then, I stayed in that stuck, addicted space for almost ten years until I hit rock bottom.  When I was in my late twenties, I decided to make a handful of drastic choices in an attempt to shift out of the dense space I was stuck in.  I found myself leaving my job in the legal field and pursuing a brand new career as a Licensed Massage Therapist.  Immediately after I graduated, I chose to sit in Ceremony with Plant Medicine - my last ditch effort to relieve the suffering I could not escape.  These two experiences combined were the catalyst that launched me into the role I am still in today.


Looking back now, I can see that my path as a healer began to show up much earlier than I originally thought.  When I was a kid, I saw spirits and other beings very clearly, and I deeply experienced the emotions of others.  As a teen, I fostered for local animal rescues and I became the person who took in that dog with Parvo because they *always* healed when they were in my care.  I was often given the sickest and most feral litters of kittens because when I was done with them, they were consistently as adoptable as the rest.  When I became a Massage Therapist many years later, spontaneous healings or disappearing symptoms were not an uncommon occurrence and I began to remember these earlier times in my life.  I started to remember who I really was under all that suffering.  Today, as my personal healing deepens, my abilities have taken on a whole new level. 

Today I use my skills to help others get in touch with their true self, often buried beneath trauma and outdated belief systems.  It's become clear to me over the years of seeing clients that everyone also has a unique Medicine that they are here to share with the world.  This is the whole reason we are here on this planet right now.  Every person carries Magic in their bloodline and has their own badass abilities,  it's just about learning how to tap into and harness them.  My role is to help others get to that point so they can share their heart and soul with the rest of us.  

There are many names for what I am, though none of them fit all on their own.  To me, I am really just Nadia, an awesome and flawed human.  

I am also the Lead Ceremony Facilitator and Community building novice at Sacred Heart Medicine Sanctuary, -  More about that work here. 

I have some credentials and certificates under my belt, but honestly, I don't agree with using those to bolster my reputation.  They do not speak louder than the words I choose to use here.  The bottom line is that if you resonate with my story or you feel called to work with me, you should, and if you don't, you should find someone you do feel called to.  In this work, your intuition is everything.

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