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Booking a Session

Check out the options below and see what feels good for you.

A link to the booking automated calendar can be found here.

Hands-on Healing
Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Starting at         1 hour  /   $125

These sessions are the most dynamic.  Many people work with Nadia because there is something going on in their life that doesn't feel right - illness, suffering, inability to identify or process a trauma, etc.  This session is a place to explore that through the Shamanic lens.   Nadia is trained extensively in Shamanic Techniques and combines that with Energy Healing, psychic readings, Craniosacral Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Therapy, and other related modalities for a deep healing experience. 


This is also a good session for:

Shamanic Training - early stages

Soul Retrieval Ceremony

Integration Support


In-person sessions are preferred for this work.  If you are near Vancouver, WA and are interested in a session, please choose the in-person option in the scheduling link.  If you are not local, please choose the Zoom option.  

Plant Medicine Support
Image by Jesse Bauer

1 hour  /   $125

Nadia works intimately with many plants as part of her shamanic path and she would be considered a Plant Medicine Woman.  She is available to discuss which Plant Medicine is the best fit for you based on your unique situation or needs.  This may be with Ceremony, microdosing, working with a psychotropic or non-psychotropic plant, or conducting a plant diet to cultivate a relationship with a specific plant that is asking to assist you.  Much of this work is similar to a Spiritual Herbalist - working with the spiritual aspects of all plants.

Nadia can also assist with interpreting or providing guidance and clarity after sitting in a Master Plant Medicine Ceremony with Ayahuasca, Mushrooms, etc.  She does not specialize in cannabis and has a referral for that work.


Nadia is available for formal Shamanic Ceremony work with the plant spirits through Sacred Heart Medicine, but the first step is always working with her first.

Land and Property Clearing
Image by Joanna Kosinska

Land and Property Clearing

Flat rate starting at $250 in Vancouver, WA

During 2019, Nadia had the great pleasure to mentor with a traditionally trained Armenian born Shaman in land and property clearing.  Her methods were passed down through many generations of shamans in her family and are very powerful and effective.  Land and Space Clearing includes a consultation, 60-120 minute clearing session depending on the size of the property, crystal grid placement, boundary placement and Guidance/Assessment on how to keep the home clear.  

Each house, much like each person, has a spirit.  One of Nadia's roles is to work with the spirit of a place to cultivate harmony between the house and the humans who are utilizing it as a home.

Why might you want a Land and Space Clearing?

·         You are purchasing a new property and want to start fresh.

·         You are a Real Estate Agent and your listing just won't sell or doesn't feel good.

·         You are experiencing "supernatural" activity in your home.

·         A traumatic or violent event has happened on the property.

·         Someone in the home struggles with sleep paralysis or night terrors.

·         You just *feel* like you need to have a clearing done.


Price starts at $250 and varies by size and location.

Please contact Nadia directly by email to discuss this offering and schedule a brief call.

Other Services
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Other Services 

Nadia is also available, in various capacities, for the following services:

  • Spiritual support through the physical process of death or birth, including hospice support

  • Apprenticeship and Mentoring for those interested in Feminine Shamanism (Womb Shamanism), Plant Spirit Medicine, or both traditional and non-traditional Shamanism

  • Family dynamic analysis, including identifying imbalances within a partnership

  • Tarot Reading

  • Medical Medium session

  • Private work with Tobacco and Sananga

  • Longer-term healing path for those with CPTSD, veterans, or victims of ritual abuse

  • Men's work

Other services, rituals, and ceremonies may be offered by request only.  Please email to book one of the sessions mentioned here.


**Barter and sliding scale may be available upon request.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation  to see if we are a good fit.

I know I want to work with you, take me to the full calendar!

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